Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Hairdon'ts

I don't care if it is Christmas - this time, Tan Mom has gone too far.

Never doubt the allure of a little mystery

Relaxer and inverted V hair update!


So it feels like its been ages since I wrote a post! Decembers are like that for me, super busy!! After my son's first birthday party which was on Sunday the 16th, fun fun day! Then two days after  came my wedding you can imagine it has been celebration after celebration and I had to take off my blogger hat for a few days and embrace wifey and mama hat! So sorry if you have sent me an email and I have taken forever to reply you!

Now I am back and ready to update you all about my hair! I relaxed my hair (more like texlaxed because I left it very under processed )

I used my usual relaxer, silk elements and the gold sprush TC2040;

Styled like a tail comb with flexible rubber replacing the teeth, it is recommended especially for relaxing.

I went ahead to coat my ends with conditioner and coconut oil then twisted in small sections. I lifted each twist and swiftly applied the relaxer to the roots with my sprush.

The application was mess free, the sprush was really easy to handle and was gentle on my new growth albeit too gentle, I had to use my fingers to feel my new growth to make sure the relaxer was covering the new growth properly and each time I checked,  the roots were covered- nothing to worry about! A few reviewers of the gold sprush complained that it was a bit long and difficult to use, I didn't find it difficult at all, when the length of the rubber part of the sprush was getting in the way,I simply turned it around from horizontal to vertical(see the second picture above) and it worked great.

By the time I was done for the first time in a long time I had relaxer left( I was using half cup of relaxer mind


That was a good thing because the last time I used half cup, I had to open a new relaxer pack to top up the relaxer half way through the process because the relaxer finished and that's always annoying. 

I was done in about 15 minutes, here are my results;



I am satisfied with my texlaxed hair, I only wish my edges laid down a bit more but that would have meant fully processing them, maybe next time I will apply relaxer to my edges earlier.

Now to my inverted V, as you can see the V has stayed at bay yay! My ends still need to fill out completely but so far so good! I can attribute the inverted V not cropping up again these past months to the regular protective styling that I did all through from October till now. I also consistently bagged my ends after applying some moisturizer and oils to the very ends. On days when my hair felt really dry, I'd spritz the ends with water and glycerin mix or mane and tail detangler. Lastly I trimmed my ends a week before touch up, I took out at least 1/4 inch off; very little hair but it made a difference. I advocate getting trims just before touch ups because they makes the detangling process during the relaxer touch up and after as you wash out your hair easier because your hair will tangle much less. I also like that my hair length stays in tact as the relaxer stretches out the new growth, when you trim your hair after you relax it, you are stuck with the same length till your new growth grows out...just throwing that logic out there!!  

Anyways, I am making sure my hair is in tip top shape in time for the NHCG 6INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE starting on the 1st of JANUARY 2013!! Are you ready ladies? The rules/guidelines for the challenge as well as the star prize will be my next post over the weekend, so stay tuned!!



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and wish Margaret a Happy Birthday! 

If you're nice to her, she just might let you touch her balls.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun Control

Hello, this is important, so listen up! Before anyone decries America for what happened today, and blamed it on guns, I have to explain this to you all. And no, this is not a political post, because it’s important, and it’s facts.

It is a proven fact that after the Dunblane laws were passed, crime rate in the UK has risen to over 400%. You see, when there is no proper way to defend yourself, crazy people will do anything to kill you, as you are defenseless. The way I (and many of my coworkers) see it as that if you are dangerous enough, you could kill 27 people with a teapot. Now, are we going to ban teapots if enough people kill others? NO. The only difference between here and the United States is that we never had a constitution that explicitly says that everyone has the right to bear arms. So Americans should all have the right to carry guns.

If one soul today in America had a gun at the primary school, and shot the son of a bitch dead before he killed anyone, he/she would have been considered a hero. Same with that movie theater shooting, if someone had shot the guy before he killed people, it would have ended differently.

So then people say “BUT MARIE GUNS SHOULDN’T BE NEAR CHILDREN!!” Might I respond, and tell you that my grandfather grew up in the country side, near Sherwood Forest, but still not in Sherwood Forest.. When he was 11 years old, he would go out and shoot animals for dinner. The difference was, he learned how to use it properly, and he was also instilled with the morals that killing people is fucking wrong. My grandfather wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he killed animals for food, because his family was dirt-poor, and markets weren’t abundant. Okay, so now that my story is out of the way, look at the facts.

The majority of shootings is committed by assholes that have an illegal weapon without a license. With exception of the Dunblane shootings, mostly that is the case. If you read in the Telegraph, DailyMail, or here you would see that banning guns are not effective in curbing gun violence. Now, use your common sense people, this is a tough question. If you ban guns, the people that illegally buy them would probably use them for what purpose? Probably murder. I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me England is a safer place without gun control. There are murders that happen all the time in London, it’s obvious.

Which brings me to next point, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In China today, a man killed 22 children with a knife… Now. Should China ban knives? Oops, sorry China. No more knives to cut your meat with. Tough luck. Someone killed someone on account of drink-driving, should we ban cars? NO. If we ban everything that could be considered dangerous, then we might as well ban STAIRS. There were 1,307 deaths in the US caused by stairs. That’s almost more than gun-related deaths. 52 were killed in England THIS YEAR. So sorry loves, we can’t ban stairs, guns, teapots, cars, or knives. Have some common sense.

Santa's Snood

Thursday, December 13, 2012

You better watch out...

You better not pout.
Santa Claus is coming to town, bitchez.

That's the Stuff I don't Like-Hair bloggers edition


Please blame my absence on preparations for my son's first birthday party! He turned 1 yesterday on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th!! A special date for a special boy :)

Anyways, I was tagged to do a 'Stuff I don't Like' post by a gorg blogger who follows NHCG and has a blog called !Pink and Leopard prints. Transitioners( relaxed to natural hair) should check HER BLOG out as she documents her journey from relaxed to natural hair  and tips to help along the way.

So without much ado here are a few things I don't like when it comes to hair/hair related stuff...

During my wig wearing days I didn't like when I impatiently purchased a wig I thought made me look like Kim Kardashian at the store but at home when i tried it, I ended up looking more like a very weird version of lil' Kim and got stuck with a wig I could not get a refund for.

It irks me when my darling natural sisters give off the impression that because I use a relaxer then anything(product wise) must go for my hair- just imagine me being asked why I use shea butter on my hair or why I care if there is alcohol in a product?! Natural Sister-'No be only you like better thing oh'

I cannot stand the way salon stylists in Naija keep their hair like mad people!!  I'm being harsh but I am yet to enter a salon in Naija and get inspired by the hairstyles the stylists are sporting!! Even in the high brow salons you will either see most of the stylists with half done hair or severely damaged, scattered hair-the principle 'lead by example' does not exist in Naija salons!

I don't like when random strangers touch my hair, I've said this before! I cringe and become stiff, I really don't like it-please admire from afar. However if you bump into me as a follower of NHCG you have free reign to smooch my hair all you like :)

This next one I had to endure at Uni!! Have you ever had your hair washed by a married stylist who refuses to take off  her wedding band? Well I have!! At Uni, the owner of our hostel salon blatantly refused to take her rings off and she had one of those solitaire rings with a huge stone daimond lol I'm being mean but do you know how many times my hair got caught in her ring and she'd unapologetically pull the snagged hair away from her ring instead of take the ring off and you dare not ask her to take off the ring, she'd look at you like you were asking her to divorce her husband!

I don't like when a girl's identity has become the weave on her head! As in you can spot her from miles away thanks to that same weave she has rocked all year round. I understand that some people prefer to be in their comfort zone and rather look the same with a weave they think works for them but because I get bored easily I think it's boring looking the same all the time so I don't like it but who cares about what I think...;) oh but it's a whole other issue if she has gone the extra gross route of hardly redoing the weave and carrying a smelly weave around...

Thank God I now have concrete evidence that we can all grow BSL hair because I really don't like when i get dismissed by people who don't think they can grow long hair themselves...I have a response to all those who lazily tell me I am genetically predisposed to having long hair. Now I will say-So are you!!

This last one I am also guilty of, being a blogger myself- I will say I get disappointed when I see an enticing blog title on a blog/website that proposes to espouse solutions on a hair issue I am dealing with; let's say 'How to get your hair soft, lustrous, healthy and long' and I click and in my quest for knowledge I am hoping to read something profound and the writer has stated everything I know to do for my hair-moisturize and seal, deep condition, protect your ends etc!! Its a bit annoying but it also jolts me to the reality of getting healthy, long hair-the solutions are the same, it's the consistency that matters!

I have come to the end of this post, I actually enjoyed putting it together, when I got tagged I cracked my brain thinking of what to write... Now I have over written!lolzzz

Do any of you share in my hair pet peeves? Do you have yours? Feel free to spill below in the comments form. 

Stop by soon, I'm relaxing my hair this weekend with my SPRUSH!!



Behind Every Great Hair Artiste... a talented staff.  Meet my backup girls; I poached them from dear Thombeau.  While I think he's forgiven me, he still mentions how much he misses Thing One and Thing Two.  I'd feel worse about it, but after all, I'm a boy on the go - between running a CafĂ© and running after two terriers - well, let's just say I need all the help I can get. 

One, on the left there, gives a mean mani-pedi, but if I have to tell Two about not leaving my older ladies under the dryer too long one more time, I am going to cut a bitch.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Newsea Ladder To Heaven *Updated Link*

asdfghjkl I love this hair! It’s Newseas’ Ladder To Heaven I think I made it better by increasing the volume and making the texture nicer looking. There is one small problem that I encountered and that is at one angles, the left side of the sim’s hair looks bald in CAS.. But it’s not in game! I promise.. :)

{CAKED for All ages!}


Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Winter Palace

I have re-opened my home on tumblr.. :) If you would like to join me there, feel free to do so. If not, please continue onto your next desired interaction. 

SHOP NHCG goodies are hereeee!!


Today felt like Christmas eve for me! I finally picked up from my shippers ALL the goodies purchased during the SHOP NHCG hair products import window in November!

My son trying to get in on the action- sorry son Christmas isn't till a few weeks!!

 Everything came in tact!! So glad, if you are one the lucky ladies who took advantage of the window, expect your package from Monday!! 

In the mean time, let me share with you my dear readers all the cool stuff that came! Some of the products belong to readers, some belong to me :) and some will be listed in the 'what's in stock' section on the Shop NHCG page, feel free to browse through that section after reading this post to find out...

So without much ado here's a list of the products purchased during the November window;

Elasta Qp olive oil and mango moisturizer

Shea moisture yucca and baobab thickening moisture mist

Cantu Shea butter leave in repair cream

Darcy botanicals coconut lemongrass transitioning creme

Roux Porosity control corrector and conditioner

Aphogee keratin 2 min reconstructor conditioner 

Giovanni direct leave in weightless moisture conditioner

Tropical Isle living Jamaican lack castor oil 

As I am coconut cow ash cleansing conditioner

Organix hydrating macadamia oil intense moisture mask

Organix Nourishing Moroccan argan oil intense moisturizing treatment

Organix rejuvenating cherry blossom ginseng

Organix Moroccan smooth perfection blow out creme

Hair trigger explosive growth elixir with cayenne pepper; I was really impressed with how the makers of this product sent a thank you hand written note and card addressed to me,

 I however have to readdress it because it was ordered for a NHCG reader  :)

Mane and tail detangler

Hair art dryer bonnet

Stay on satin bonnet

Latch hooks

100% pure Argan oil

GNC Women's Ultra Nourish hair

And finally by Fav buy-  SPRUSHES!!

So what are you waiting for ladies, check the SHOP NHCG PAGE  and do some hair shopping :)

While your at it, consider getting the NEW and IMPROVED NHCG SHEA BUTTER MIX which is now fluffy& creamy filled with all the yummy goodness of essential and carrier oils and glycerine!!

Also Check back for updates on these products(the ones I got for myself), I am also getting my hair relaxed next week with my new SPRUSH!!YAYYY!! If you missed out on Last month's window, not to worry, January is around the corner, the import window will be open again, just in time for the NHCG 6 inches Growth Challenge(updates coming up)



Newsea Goldleaf

You know, I swear I already shared this one.. But I apparently did not. My, what a lucky lot you are! I removed those disgusting hair clips from the first version. There's two others where I left them if you absolutely must have them. So yah.

{CAKED for Adults Only, Sorreh}


Friday, December 7, 2012

The Queen is Dead, Long Live Her Ghost

And may all my royal subjects not patronize me for leaving so abruptly. :) Hello my darlings, how have you been? I feel proper shitty about my leaving.. again. I've promised myself and some other people I'm going to get some better help with managing my problems from now on. Because the truth is, I can't leave you all. I've looked, and we're one of the Top Sims 3 Sites now, with over 750,000 views. :D It makes me so happy that you all are here to support me no matter what I do or say.

Which brings me to my next topic.. No more fucking politics. I've made my points known, and I'm sure some of you still hate me for them, but I'm going to improve myself about making my points known without offending people. And to be honest with you all, the night things went tits up on tumblr, I was hammered drunk, and I regretted everything I said. But being the immature bitch I am, I decided to leave instead of facing my problems, and for that I apologize. I'm still not going back to tumblr, however. :P

I really am quite happy to be returning, and I actually have a hair retexture here for you! Boy, in a two month period, there are one million new hair retexturers, and all of them are *Pooklet Textures with Anubis Control xD xD haha lolz* I want to puke. Oh, which reminds me, if you've seen another person that makes similar textures, don't worry, she's not jacking me off. I emailed her and we agreed she can still use her textures. All's good in da hood. lawls.

Well! Let's get this show on the road! Here is the new fucking gorgeous Cazy hair, called Bynes. (WTF)

{CAKED for All Ages}