Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NewSea Sparklers

Ermahgerd. I sort of already hate this hair. I never knew a pixelated hair could make my actual hair fall out. 0_0 I tried so hard to make it look good, and still looks like shit. :P Just so you know, there are some issues on the top of the head, and also some transparency issues on the slimmed down/shortened hair. It was the best I could do, lol. Oh also new models. You know, my ADD is so bad, I get bored of my models SO easily.. So I really change them every couple of weeks. 

_____________________________Version A_____________________________





_____________________________Version B_____________________________

{CAKED for Adults}
Alright, so this is the way it shall work. Version A is a .package file, and Version B is a .sims3pack file. I've found that you can have both in your game as long as it's a different format. So, in theory, you can have both in your game. :) Yay.


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