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How's every one doing?! The internet service on my end has been horrible for the past week! Luckily its working better today so I decided I will post a video I made last weekend( I had to break the video into 2 clips because apparently after all my blabbering the video was too long, but these clips at least capture the essence of this post) plus pictures for those who cannot watch the video. It is basically showing how I straightened my hair after spritzing my roots with detangler, applying hair moisturizer on small sections of hair, split remedy to protect my ends and chi silk infusion heat protectant using very low heat, concentrating on my roots and finally, sealed the ends with black castor oil.


                                               TALKING ABOUT MY INVERTED V!

The products I used

Sectioned hair in small parts

Spritz my roots with detangler

Applied Tresemme Curl hydration from root to tip

Then applied split remedy to the tips of my hair

Chi silk infusion before I applied the heat

Using very low heat- level 10 out of 35 I straightened that section of hair

Then applied black castor oil to the very tips of my hair

With this method, my hair did not get fried out and light but still retained its body and was super soft, detangled and the new growth was easier to manage(that is the sole purpose of this heat pass);

In the video. I talk about my inverted V in the  back of my hair!! I was in a dilemma, should I cut my hair now and get rid of the annoying V or wait till it grows out? Find out what I decided in my Relaxer post next weekend!!

In other news, african naturalista has set up a product swap forum here where ladies can swap products they are not using with each other. I think its a cool idea and already have some products I want to swap. Check it out on her blog.

Well that's all from me for now, catch you on my next post.

P.S Please forgive my frowning face, it was a long long day and at least I managed a smile in the last pic :)!!



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