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How's everyone doing?! hope all's well and good at your endz! Well its that time of the month when I bring a relaxer update after a successful 9weeks stretch! I was gunning for 12 weeks but then I did the math and realized that I will not be up to 9 weeks post relaxer in December by the time its my son's first birthday and you know how I like fresh edges for special occasions, so I stuck to my 9weeks calender.

I decided I was going to try out Jen from Justgrowalready's method of relaxing hair by getting them sectioned in small twists. I also decided to TEXLAX my hair this time! So I gave myself 15 minutes from start(after twists were done) to finish! With my eyes on the clock I was off to a speeding start!!

I coated my ends with conditioner and olive oil and twisted them in small sections;

Then I mixed the relaxer swiftly, I used my favorite relaxer in the world- 

Applied the mix to just the new growth, as close as I could get, Can't wait to be sprushified!! I tell Ya!

Then smooth it out with a comb, I contemplated this step a bit because I really wanted to maintain the texture  in my hair but after a closer look, I decided to smooth it out just once and not aggressively like those salon stylists!!LOL!

Of Course I focused on just the roots, I also found that the twists helped minimize the amount of time spent on dividing and sectioning to smooth out while the relaxer was on, it also greatly minimized hair loss too, you know how tangled and matted new growth can be making that extra step of sectioning it to smooth it out while relaxing, a serious hair loss point in the whole relaxing process. This time all I did was LIFT and SMOOTH out! Such a breeze! I then proceeded to take the twists out quickly;

When I was done, I simply applied  more conditioner to the ends and ran to the bathroom, I didn't make the 15minute cut though :( By the time I was done it was more like 20 minutes but that was fine seeing as I usually spend at least 30minutes normally! And When my hair was dried I found out that I accomplished my goal, my hair was TEXLAXED!!YAY!!

I cannot believe I am happy with my roots looking that way, If it was in the past I would be so upset and feel like getting a correction done ASAP, thank God for knowledge!!

I proceeded to straighten my hair using low heat as I always do on relax day to generally check where my hair is at;

Look at all that texture!! I see great things for the ends of my hair in a few years time with texture like that!! :)

Oh and the answer to what I did about my horrid inverted V I talked about here is, I CUT MY HAIR!! I will have a separate post on the entire inverted V saga; How it started, what I think caused it and what I have learnt moving forward. But for the mean time my ends went from looking like this;

To Looking like this;

I took about 4 inches off before I relaxed my hair about a week ago and though it was not the most pleasant experience knowing I was suffering from a set back in my hair journey, I took it in good faith and had to constantly remind my self that it is called a hair JOURNEY for a reason, its not a race, so even if it takes me longer than I'd hoped to get to my goal, the fact remains that I will get there someday and I urge all those new to this 'hair journey thingy' (as most newbies call it), to stay encouraged and focused on your goal and refuse to let the slightest set back get you down okay!!

Have a great week ahead, great things to come here!



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