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It's time for another post!!  This time I am going to let you all in on a new hair tool I was introduced to called a SPRUSH!

It is a bridge between an applicator brush and a cake batter spatula and aims at precise application of hair products, from relaxers , color like henna,  hair butters to hair treatments/ concoctions! One of my readers me thinks it's Folake ( thanks dear) brought my attention to this ingenious hair tool and then proceeded to send me to a hair blog I am loving; and let me tell you, I cannot wait to get my hands on this tool!! 

I was hoping it will be here by my relax day which is this weekend but certain hiccups caused me to delay the order but by God's grace my December relaxer will be SPRUSHIFIED baby!!

Now what are the benefits?

The application is PRECISE; when it comes to relaxing especially, overlapping already relaxed hair which is usually inevitable with comb and finger applications really contribute to dryness and brittleness most relaxed ladies(myself included) have to battle regularly!

Just imagine if the relaxer was applied to only the 1/2 to 1 inch of new growth your hair grows out, then your already relaxed hair was left untouched and protectively moisturized and sealed, your hair will not look as 'fried and dried' and maybe relaxers would not be getting such a bad name! 

Sprushes from reviews and what I can see are also very gentle to the hair! Their applicator ends and teeth are made of rubber; think baking spatulas which means all the breakage your hair experiences from the snags that happen with tail combs and applicator brushes as you relax it or apply other treatments will be a thing of the past!

They come in a vast variety which is great because the sprush that works for my hair  might not work for your hair! Why? Maybe my hair is thicker than yours and needs a sprush that can pile on the product, maybe my new growth is just 1/2 an inch unlike your's that is 2inches, I will need a sprush with a smaller applicator for precise application of the relaxer. If I want a sprush for all over application of henna from root to tip, it is available. It also helps to manage the amount of product you use, when you use your fingers you tend to scoop out too much product at once, your comb or brush tends to scoop too little, the rubberized tip of a sprush scoops just the right amount you need! So in my books that's a major  plus!

They are EASY to clean up! If you self relax like I do or indulge in hair treatments you will know how annoyingly painstaking getting relaxer or treatment mixtures out of the teeth of a tail comb or applicator brush can be! With a sprush since the tip is all rubberized and there are no teeths, all it takes is a rinse and a wipe! That's all!! What a reward after all the stress of applying the relaxer or treatment to your hair!

Finally sprushes are affordable!! Basically you are getting professional treatment for a bargain!!! They are sold for a unit cost of about $7! Plus I love that they come in really fun colors!

So without a doubt SHOP NHCG will be taking orders for sprushes to come with next month's imports! Just go to this website; and browse through the variety of sprushes they have! You never know, a sprush could save your hair!! :)

Stay tuned for my relaxer post this weekend, I learnt a really cool relaxing technique from Jeni of justgrowalready and I cannot wait to try it out!!

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