Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun Control

Hello, this is important, so listen up! Before anyone decries America for what happened today, and blamed it on guns, I have to explain this to you all. And no, this is not a political post, because it’s important, and it’s facts.

It is a proven fact that after the Dunblane laws were passed, crime rate in the UK has risen to over 400%. You see, when there is no proper way to defend yourself, crazy people will do anything to kill you, as you are defenseless. The way I (and many of my coworkers) see it as that if you are dangerous enough, you could kill 27 people with a teapot. Now, are we going to ban teapots if enough people kill others? NO. The only difference between here and the United States is that we never had a constitution that explicitly says that everyone has the right to bear arms. So Americans should all have the right to carry guns.

If one soul today in America had a gun at the primary school, and shot the son of a bitch dead before he killed anyone, he/she would have been considered a hero. Same with that movie theater shooting, if someone had shot the guy before he killed people, it would have ended differently.

So then people say “BUT MARIE GUNS SHOULDN’T BE NEAR CHILDREN!!” Might I respond, and tell you that my grandfather grew up in the country side, near Sherwood Forest, but still not in Sherwood Forest.. When he was 11 years old, he would go out and shoot animals for dinner. The difference was, he learned how to use it properly, and he was also instilled with the morals that killing people is fucking wrong. My grandfather wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he killed animals for food, because his family was dirt-poor, and markets weren’t abundant. Okay, so now that my story is out of the way, look at the facts.

The majority of shootings is committed by assholes that have an illegal weapon without a license. With exception of the Dunblane shootings, mostly that is the case. If you read in the Telegraph, DailyMail, or here you would see that banning guns are not effective in curbing gun violence. Now, use your common sense people, this is a tough question. If you ban guns, the people that illegally buy them would probably use them for what purpose? Probably murder. I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me England is a safer place without gun control. There are murders that happen all the time in London, it’s obvious.

Which brings me to next point, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In China today, a man killed 22 children with a knife… Now. Should China ban knives? Oops, sorry China. No more knives to cut your meat with. Tough luck. Someone killed someone on account of drink-driving, should we ban cars? NO. If we ban everything that could be considered dangerous, then we might as well ban STAIRS. There were 1,307 deaths in the US caused by stairs. That’s almost more than gun-related deaths. 52 were killed in England THIS YEAR. So sorry loves, we can’t ban stairs, guns, teapots, cars, or knives. Have some common sense.

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