Thursday, December 13, 2012

That's the Stuff I don't Like-Hair bloggers edition


Please blame my absence on preparations for my son's first birthday party! He turned 1 yesterday on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th!! A special date for a special boy :)

Anyways, I was tagged to do a 'Stuff I don't Like' post by a gorg blogger who follows NHCG and has a blog called !Pink and Leopard prints. Transitioners( relaxed to natural hair) should check HER BLOG out as she documents her journey from relaxed to natural hair  and tips to help along the way.

So without much ado here are a few things I don't like when it comes to hair/hair related stuff...

During my wig wearing days I didn't like when I impatiently purchased a wig I thought made me look like Kim Kardashian at the store but at home when i tried it, I ended up looking more like a very weird version of lil' Kim and got stuck with a wig I could not get a refund for.

It irks me when my darling natural sisters give off the impression that because I use a relaxer then anything(product wise) must go for my hair- just imagine me being asked why I use shea butter on my hair or why I care if there is alcohol in a product?! Natural Sister-'No be only you like better thing oh'

I cannot stand the way salon stylists in Naija keep their hair like mad people!!  I'm being harsh but I am yet to enter a salon in Naija and get inspired by the hairstyles the stylists are sporting!! Even in the high brow salons you will either see most of the stylists with half done hair or severely damaged, scattered hair-the principle 'lead by example' does not exist in Naija salons!

I don't like when random strangers touch my hair, I've said this before! I cringe and become stiff, I really don't like it-please admire from afar. However if you bump into me as a follower of NHCG you have free reign to smooch my hair all you like :)

This next one I had to endure at Uni!! Have you ever had your hair washed by a married stylist who refuses to take off  her wedding band? Well I have!! At Uni, the owner of our hostel salon blatantly refused to take her rings off and she had one of those solitaire rings with a huge stone daimond lol I'm being mean but do you know how many times my hair got caught in her ring and she'd unapologetically pull the snagged hair away from her ring instead of take the ring off and you dare not ask her to take off the ring, she'd look at you like you were asking her to divorce her husband!

I don't like when a girl's identity has become the weave on her head! As in you can spot her from miles away thanks to that same weave she has rocked all year round. I understand that some people prefer to be in their comfort zone and rather look the same with a weave they think works for them but because I get bored easily I think it's boring looking the same all the time so I don't like it but who cares about what I think...;) oh but it's a whole other issue if she has gone the extra gross route of hardly redoing the weave and carrying a smelly weave around...

Thank God I now have concrete evidence that we can all grow BSL hair because I really don't like when i get dismissed by people who don't think they can grow long hair themselves...I have a response to all those who lazily tell me I am genetically predisposed to having long hair. Now I will say-So are you!!

This last one I am also guilty of, being a blogger myself- I will say I get disappointed when I see an enticing blog title on a blog/website that proposes to espouse solutions on a hair issue I am dealing with; let's say 'How to get your hair soft, lustrous, healthy and long' and I click and in my quest for knowledge I am hoping to read something profound and the writer has stated everything I know to do for my hair-moisturize and seal, deep condition, protect your ends etc!! Its a bit annoying but it also jolts me to the reality of getting healthy, long hair-the solutions are the same, it's the consistency that matters!

I have come to the end of this post, I actually enjoyed putting it together, when I got tagged I cracked my brain thinking of what to write... Now I have over written!lolzzz

Do any of you share in my hair pet peeves? Do you have yours? Feel free to spill below in the comments form. 

Stop by soon, I'm relaxing my hair this weekend with my SPRUSH!!



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